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Below is examples of how to use each operator to compose a Propositional Logic Equation. Click on a operator below to insert a example.

Propositional Calculus

This calculator requires some knowledge of Propositional Calculus to be used. If you are not familier with Propositional Calculus we have made a simple introduction to it. It is only meant as an introduction to the subject so if more knowledge is needed this can has to be found elsewhere.

Here is the link: Introduction to Propositional Calculus


This is a propositional calculator made for the course Computability & Logic at Aarhus University but is not associated with it. It can decode and visualize propositional logic expressions. It supports negation, implication, and, or, and equivalence. It will check if the expression is satisfiable, valid and give alternatives. It will also generate a truth table and a expression tree. It is meant to be an educational tool to help students understand propositional logic.

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